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Welcome to Montana Hot Springs! Listing all hot springs of Montana, Wyoming and those near Montana but within Idaho! Montana is home to 61 known hot springs and many more are just a short drive over the border.

The hot springs listed on these pages are all unique and offer something for everyone from developed resorts to primitive springs throughout the state of Montana and the region.

This site is updated with information on the accessible hot springs in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

Check out the Undeveloped Hot Springs page for descriptions of every public, private or generally unknown hot spring in Montana and its accessibility.

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Map of All Montana's Hot Springs

This map contains a listing of all known hot springs in Montana over 100 degrees and those under 100 degrees that are publicly accessible.

Hot Springs Map Key
red logo   Commericial Hot Spring   green logo  Undeveloped Hot Spring
blue logo   Warm Swimming Hole gray logo  Private Hot Spring

Hot Spring Resources and Maps

For a complete listing of all 61 Montana hot springs along with coordinates and Google map linked locations   Montana USGS list

Montana Thermal Springs Wall Map

OffTheGridMaps has created a detailed map of Montana’s thermal features. It prominently features the 30 publicly accessible hot springs resorts, plunges, and pools in Montana. The map is 36x24 inches and is perfect for displaying! Visit OffTheGridMaps for more information! Montana Hot Springs Map

Montana Geothermal Maps

Geothermal Resources of Montana published in 1981 is great resource for those interested in learning about the geothermal resources throughout Montana. Hot Springs and wells are plotted and labled.

A copy of can be seen here Geothermal Resources of Montana map.
The full report can be viewed here Geothermal Resources of Montana Report.

Large paper copies of this great map they are available for $4 from The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology via this link.

Geothermal Resources of Montana is another geothermal map is also a very detailed resource to learn more about Montana's hot springs and other geothermal features.
Montana Geothermal Map

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