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Wyoming's Hot Springs

Including South Dakota's only Hot Spring

Wyoming is home to 173 hot springs, however the majority of these are within Yellowstone National Park. This page will focus on hot springs outside of the park, soaking within Yellowstone is prohibited except for two exceptions, these are the Boilng River in Montana and the Firehole Swimming Area in Wyoming.

South Dakota is home one hot spring known as Evan's Plunge, details are listed below.

This map contains a listing of all known hot springs in Wyoming and South Dakota over 90 degrees and those of interest under 90 degrees. The springs are categorized by accessibility, see the map key below.

Hot Springs Map Key
  Commericial Hot Spring     Undeveloped Hot Spring
  Private Hot Spring or Unknown Access

Explore Wyomings's Hot Spring Destinations

Springs are listed below in alphabetical order

The details on Wyomings hot springs will be added thoughout the next month, at this time it is January 2019. Keep checking for more content often!

Astoria Hot Springs

Directions:  Located about 15 miles south of Jackson, WY on US Highway 89.

Features:  Astoria Hot Springs operated as a family friendly resort since the 1960's closed in 1999. There is a project underway by a nonprofit organization to rebuild and reopen the resort as a community park and hot springs pool. It appears they are going to open by the spring of 2019.

Overall:  We are not sure what this place will look like when it's finished yet. Hopefully more details will come out soon.

Temperature:  99 degrees at it's source.

More Info:  Visit Astoria Hot Springs Park web site

Astoria Hot Springs
Illustration Courtesy DHM Design

Evan's Plunge Mineral Springs (South Dakota)

Directions:  Located about 58 miles south of Rapid City, SD in Hot Springs, SD

Features:  Evan's Plunge Mineral Springs is a large pool with a natural gravel bottom. Amenities include waterslides, hot tubs, outdoor pool, sauna and a steam room. The swing rings swimmers use to launch themselves out into the pool seem popular too. This is South Dakota's only hot spring resort.

History:  The springs first major development on this site was in 1890. The springs takes it's name from Fred Evans who was the owner who developed the original plunge.

Overall:  The unique gravel bottom of the pool allows 5,000 gallons of water to naturally flow into the pool every minute. This is a family friendly facility owned by the City of Hot Springs.

Temperature:  87 degrees at it's source.

More Info:  Visit Even's Plunge Mineral Springs Park web site

Evan's Plunge Mineral Springs
Photos from Evan's Plunge website linked above
evans pool astoria1
Evans Orginal Building Evan's Orginal Pool

Firehole Swimming Area (Yellowstone Park)***Closed until further notice***

Directions:  Located near Madison Junction, best accessed via the West Yellowstone entrance.

Features:  Firehole Swimming Area in Yellowstone is the only other spot within park boundaries you can legally enjoy the benefit of thermal water mixing to warm up what would otherwise be a very cold Firehole River.

Usage: Heavy

Overall:  This is a busy place during the summer months and is very popular with visitors to the park.

Temperature:  Varies between 70 to 80 degrees. This is a summer destination.

More Info:  Check current conditons on the status of the Firehole River Swimming Area here The river conditions greatly impact the status of this spring, it will be closed during high water (Spring runoff).

Firehole Swimming Area

Granite Hot Springs Pool

Directions:  Located about 34 miles southeast of Jackson, WY. Follow US Highway 191 south of Jackson about 25 miles. Take a left on Granite Creek Road to the hot springs, this is a unpaved forest service road. This springs are accessible in the winter via winter transportation modes only.

Features:  The forest service maintains recreation area here with a concrete soaking pool and nearby campground. There is a $8 fee for adults and $5 for children to soak here and is staffed by an attendant.

Usage: Heavy

Overall:  This is a busy place during the summer months and is very popular with tourists. There is a undeveloped pool located about a half mile away near Granite Creek as well.

Temperature:  Varies throughout the pool, anywhere between 105 degrees and 90 degrees.

More Info:  Visit Bridger-Teton National Forest web site

Granite Hot Springs
granite1 granite2

Hellie's Tepee Pool

Directions:  Located in Thermopolis, WY, inside Hot Springs State Park.

Features:  Hellie's Tepee Pool features an indoor and outdoor pool at various temperatures. The also have two waterslides, one of which is outdoors and open seasonally. They also have a natural steam room and sauna too.

Temperature:  Pools temperatures are not advertised but this is a hot spring. We assume around 100 degrees.

Overall:  This is a family friendly place, expect to share you time here with kids and families.

More Info:  Visit Hellie's Tepee Pool website

Hellie's Tepee Pool
Photos sourced from Hellie's Tepee Pool Facebook Page
Indoor Pool Outdoor Pool View

Hot Springs State Park

Directions:  Located in Thermopolis, WY. Thermopolis is located 130 miles northwest of Casper, WY or about 83 miles south of Cody, WY.

Features:  Hot Springs State Park features several soaking opportunities including the State Bath House, Star Plunge and Hellie's TeePee and Spa. Please see the detailed description of each pool and plunge on this page.

History:  This area became a free state park as a result of a 1896 treary by the Shoshone and Arapaho tribes. A provision in this treaty give a square mile that contains the springs to the state of Wyoming and that it remain accessible to everyone. The other 99 square miles were opened for settlement.

Overall:  This Wyoming State Park is free of charge to visit the attractions including the State Bath House, Swinging Bridge, Rainbow Terraces, The Big Spring and resident bison herd.

Temperature:  The water from the Big Spring flowing at 3.6 million gallons of water per day with a source temperature of 127 degrees feeds the pools and attractions in the park. However in 1896 the springs fed 13 million gallons. The water is said to contain 27 minerals!

More Info:  Visit the Thermopolis Travel website

Hot Springs State Park
Photos sourced from User Submitted Photos
Hot Springs View Hot Springs Source
Teepee Fountain

Kelly Warm Springs

Directions:  Located near Jackson, WY next to the small community of Kelly. The spring is 15 miles north of Jackson.

Features:  This warm spring is a large undeveloped shallow pond with marshy shores with a temperature of 81 degrees. One of the attractions here is the spring is in full view of the Grand Tetons Range.

History:  Until recently the spring was home to a population of illegally dumped tropical fish, the fish were eradicated last August. The fish were deemed a threat to the local fishery.

Overall:  This spring is free to use however upon researching this spring is was found to contain naturally occurring Naegleria fowleri amoeba, known as the "brain-eating amoeba". Please use at your own risk. I have linked the article below.

Temperature:  81 degrees.

More Info:  Jackson Hole News and Guide on the found amoeba

Kelly Warm Springs
Photo sourced from
Kelly Warm Springs View

Star Plunge

Directions:  Located in Thermopolis, WY, inside Hot Springs State Park.

Features:  Star Plunge features an indoor pool, outdoor pool and spa hot pool with spa jets. They also have three waterslides, one is seasonal and claims to be one of the worlds longest. The other two slides are open during colder seasons. They also have a natural steam room they call the Vapor Cave.

Temperature:  Pools range in temperature from 90 degrees to 104 degrees depending on the pool you choose.

Overall:  Star Plunge is a family friendly place, you can expect to be amoung families and kids here.

More Info:  Visit the Star Plunge website

Star Plunge
Photos sourced from Yelp User Submitted Photos
Outdoor Pool View Outdoor Pool View
Indoor Pool View Plunge Entrance

Saratoga Hobo Hot Springs

Directions:  Located 98 miles west of Laramie, WY in the town of Saratoga, WY.

Features:  The faciltiy is owned by the town of Saratoga, it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and FREE to the public. There are three pools here, one very hot rock linked pool, around 120 degrees; one hot pool, 106 degrees, and the new smaller cooler pool, 100 degrees. The facilities here include changing rooms and showers. Near the river discharge from the pool and several other springs exist, multiple hand built pools are available to use here depending on the river level.

Temperature:  Pools vary between 120 and 100 degrees.

Overall:  Stop by and check this place out. They have recently added the 100 degree cooler pool which is better for families with kids.

More Info:  Saratoga/Platte Valley Chamber of Commerce

Saratoga Hobo Hot Springs Pool
Photos sourced from Facebook Hobo Hot Pool
Hobo Hot Pool Hobo Building
Undeveloped Pools

Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

Directions:  Located 98 miles west of Laramie, WY in the town of Saratoga, WY.

Features:  Guests of the resort enjoy exclusive use of the 70 foot pool and private tepee hot pools. The resort also features on onsite pub and brewery. The resort also maintains a public 9 hole golf course, three holes include shots over the North Platte River.

Temperature:  The temperature of the main pool is between 96 and 98 degrees, the tepee hot pools are 110 to 112 degrees.

Overall:  The facility and amenities are considered one of the most luxurious hot spring destinations in the region. This resort is located across the river from Saratoga Hobo Hot Pool.

More Info:  Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

Saratoga Hobo Hot Pool
Photos sourced from Trip Advisor
Saratoga Pool Saratoga Pool
Saratoga Pool

State Bath House

Directions:  Located in Thermopolis, WY, inside Hot Springs State Park.

Features:  The State Bath House is a free bath house open to the public. The facility features an indoor pool and outdoor pool for soaking.

Temperature:  Pools are kept at 104 degrees.

Overall:  The State Bath House limits vistors to 20 minutes of soaking per visit due to health reasons.

More Info:  Visit Wyoming State Parks website

Wyoming State Bath House
Photos sourced from State Bath House Facebook Page
Indoor Pool Indoor Pool View
Outdoor State Bath House Building
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