Private, Unknown or Inaccessible Hot Springs

The hot springs below are known to be Private, Generally Unknown, Inaccessible Hot Springs
List in order by temperature

Ennis Hot Springs

Directions:  Located a couple miles north of the town of Ennis.

Features:  Ennis Hot Springs has is the warmest hot spring in Montana at 193 degrees! It's source appears to be a well.

Status:  Private and unknown what it's use is today.

Temperature:  193 degrees

Warm Springs at the Montana State Hospital

Directions:  Located on the grounds of the Montana State Psychiatric Hospital

Features:  Were used for geothermal heating of the facility but currently unused.

Status:  Private, not accessible

Temperature:  174 degrees

Silver Star Hot Springs

Directions:  Located in Silver Star Montana, south of Whitehall.

Features:  Was for sale in 2016, springs do not appear to be used at this time. One of the warmest springs in Montana.

Status:  Private, not accessible

Temperature:  162 degrees

Wolf Creek Hot Springs

Directions:  Located 35 miles south of Ennis.

Features:  I found zero infomation on this one, there is a home on the site of this spring, we assumed it is private.

Status:  Private, not accessible

Temperature:  140 degrees

Hunter's Hot Springs

Directions:  Located 15 miles east of Livingson.

Features:  This hot spring has an interesting history, it was once a large resort but was lost to a fire in 1932. If you are into history Google this one. It does not have any development today.

Status:  Appears to be private and not accessible

Temperature:  140 degrees

Alhambra Hot Springs

Directions:  Located 15 miles east of Livingson.

Features:  Historically there was a resort here. Today the spring is used for geothermal heating of a nursing home.

Status:  Private and not accessible

Temperature:  133 degrees

Pipestone Hot Springs

Directions:  Located 8 miles west of Whitehall.

Features:  This one is an old abandoned resort, it remains closed to the public. It does not have any development today.

Status:  Private and not accessible, rumor is it can be seen from a nearby road.

Temperature:  135 degrees

Biltmore Hot Springs

Directions:  Located 12 miles SW of Twin Bridges.

Features:  This one is another old resort, it is now private.

Status:  Private and not accessible.

Temperature:  128 degrees

Puller Hot Springs

Directions:  Located 20 miles south of Alder, Montana.

Features:  A small spring located on private land.

Status:  Private and not accessible

Temperature:  112 degrees

Granite Hot Springs

Directions:  Located next door to Lolo Hot Springs.

Features:  Located on private land, it was for sale about ten years ago but remains closed to the public.

Status:  Private and not accessible

Temperature:  111 degrees

Camas Hot Springs

Directions:  Located in Hot Springs.

Features:  This is the source for the Symes Hot Springs and Alamenda's Hot Springs Retreat

Status:  Both facilities are operating resorts

Temperature:  100 degrees

Blue Joint Hot Springs

Directions:  This one is hard to find. This spring is 31 miles south west of Darby.

Features:  A shallow homemade pool with room for a couple people. It is on the side of a hill above Blue Joint Creek.

Status:  Public, Bitterroot National Forest.

Temperature:  84 degrees, feels warm after crossing the creek!

Blue Joint Hot Springs
Photos provided by 2017

Sloan Cow Camp Spring

Directions:  Located in SW Montana, south of Ennis and west of Wade and Cliff Lakes.

Features:  Very little infomation is available on this one. This one may be nothing but a warm mudhole.

Status:  This is on national forest land but there are buidlings near by.

Temperature:  86 degrees

Trudau Warm Springs

Directions:  Located on the west side of Ruby River Reservoir south of Alder, MT.

Features:  This is a warm deep pond, I remember going here as a kid, back in the late 1980's it had tropical fish living in it somehow.

Status:  This is private and no longer contains fish apperently.

Temperature:  73 degrees

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