The Unofficial Guide to Montana Hot Springs

Renova Hot Springs

Montana is home to 61 known hot springs and many more are within a short drive over the border into Idaho.

The hot springs in Montana vary by a wide range and there is something for everyone from commercial hot springs with waterslides to remote undevlopled springs by the river. Theres many springs in the Geophysical Data Center Database below that are relatively unexplored or largely unknown to most people.

Over the summer this site will be countiously updated to include the accessable hot springs in Montana and the ones nearby in Idaho.

Check out the Undeveloped Hot Springs page for descriptions along with an integrated Google terrain map of each hot spring.

Content will be added about the Montana's commercial hot springs and along with reviews of other users and photos.

Montana National Geophysical Data Center Listings

For a complete listing of all 61 Montana hot springs along with coordinates and Google map linked locations click here

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