The Guide to Montana Hot Springs

Renova Hot Springs

Welcome to Montana Hot Springs! Montana is home to 61 known hot springs and many more are within a short drive over the border into Idaho.

The hot springs in Montana vary by a wide range and there is something for everyone from commercial hot springs (check out the updated page) with waterslides and pools to remote undeveloped springs next to a river. There's many springs in the Geophysical Data Center Database below that are relatively unexplored or largely unknown to most people.

This site is continually updated to include the accessible hot springs in Montana and nearby in Idaho.

Check out the Undeveloped Hot Springs page for descriptions along with an integrated Google terrain map of each hot spring.

Content will be added about the Montana's commercial hot springs and along with reviews of other users and photos. Please submit your photos and reviews!

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Featured Montana Hot Spring: Elkhorn Hot Springs

Renova Hot Springs

Elkhorn Hot Springs is located near Dillon in southwest Montana. The hot springs provides guests a rustic relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful part of Montana.

During your stay you can expect to enjoy a relaxing soak in one of the two large pools. While you are there take time to enjoy the resturant and bar.

For more details please visit Elkhorn Hot Springs website and our summary under Commercial Springs.

Montana Hot Spring Information Resources

For a complete listing of all 61 Montana hot springs along with coordinates and Google map linked locations
Montana USGS list

This Montana geothermal map is also a very detailed and interesting source for those who want to learn about the geothermal features in Montana
Montana Geothermal Map

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Pictures of Montana and Idaho Hot Springs

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